Can You Get Car Finance on Universal Credit?

It can be challenging to tackle the financial world, especially once you are a Universal Credit claimant who must make a large purchase like a vehicle. Universal Credit is a benefit from the UK government that promotes the economically inactive or low earners affiliated with regular monthly payments issued to cover living costs. 

Meanwhile, car finance involves multiple financial offers allowing you to purchase a car in question, generally made through a loan or a leasing agreement and involving payment over an agreed period. 

“Can You Get Car Finance on Universal Credit?” indeed remains one of the central questions to answer, as being a car proprietor may be vital to one’s everyday life, starting from commuting to work and ending with caring for the family. 

Thus, this article will discuss the aspects above in an attempt to explain complex matters in simple words and discuss potential outcomes and challenges for a Universal Credit claimant who seeks to secure finance for a car.

Can You Get Car Finance on Universal Credit?

Absolutely, yes, you can still access car finance if you are receiving Universal Credit payments. A number of creditors examine the Universal Credit case as Additional Revenue, and thus, applications for loans with whom individuals get benefits of Universal Credit, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Carer’s Allowance (CA), or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are considered. They have their conditions, and they do assess the affordability level, but they have helped the credit-challenged ones to get their car financed. 

Good budget planning, keeping a good credit score, and looking for low-rate car finance at the dealership are the fundamental steps to getting a car loan approved. Even though some lenders do not consider benefits to determine income, there are still others, GB Car Finance and Car Finance Genie included, helping people with benefits to have access to car credit.

What Is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a payment to help with your living costs in the UK. You can get it if you are on a low income, out of work, or unable to work. Universal Credit combines six other benefits into one, meaning there’s less money to manage. 

Everyone runs; there’ll be a single monthly payment straight into your bank account. The payment you get makes a difference depending on your circumstances, such as the money you earn or the kids and disabilities you have. You can apply for Universal Credit online. 

It encourages people to be better off at work and to be flexible enough to change when someone’s situation changes. Universal Credit forms part of our plan to simplify the benefits system, so we have work.

What Is Car Finance?

Car finance incorporates the financial products used by individuals to acquire a car, such as car loans and leases. In the United States, the majority of new cars and slightly more than half of used cars are bought through loans and paid off in installments. 

There are two main ways to borrow money for a car: direct loans from a lender or indirect financing via a car dealership. With indirect funding, the buyer and seller sign a Retail Installment Sales Contract, which is then sold to a financial institution. 

Leasing a car allows someone to drive it for a set period by making fixed monthly payments, calculated based on the car’s residual value. In the UK, financing options include car loans, hire purchases, personal contract hires, and Personal Contract Purchases. 

Factors Lenders Consider

There are some key factors to consider:

  • Not All Lenders Are Equal: Traditional lenders might be stricter and may not consider UC as income. Look for lenders who cater to borrowers with benefits or have a history of approving UC recipients.
  • Affordability is King: Even with UC factored in, lenders will prioritize affordability. They’ll assess your overall income, essential outgoings, and credit score to determine if you can comfortably manage repayments.
  • Higher Interest Rates: Since UC recipients might be seen as a higher risk, car finance deals might come with higher interest rates compared to borrowers with a regular salary.

Understanding UC and Car Finance

  • What UC Counts as Income: For car finance purposes, only the standard allowance portion of your UC payment is considered income. The housing element won’t be factored in.
  • Affordability Checks: Lenders will meticulously examine your budget to ensure car finance repayments won’t leave you struggling to meet essential living costs.
  • Guarantors Can Help: Having a guarantor with a good credit history can strengthen your application and potentially lower interest rates. However, this comes with the responsibility of your guarantor covering repayments if you can’t.

Preparing for Car Finance with UC

  • Improve your credit score: Ensure you check your credit score early enough and follow the steps to build it by paying your bills early enough and clearing your debts. 
  • Budget for Affordability: Create a budget that factors in the repayments of the car finance, insurance, fuel, and maintenance costs. It should be relatively inexpensive for you to afford the price of the car and its neediness.
  • Research Deals: Look around for various car finance deals for UC recipients using multiple lenders. Ensure you do not purchase the first one but focus on buying the one with the most competitive interest rates and manageable repayments.

Beyond UC: Additional Considerations

  • Choosing Your Car: The impact on your budget when selecting a reliable, fuel-efficient car with low running costs is significant. A used car can be a more affordable choice in many respects.
  • Deposit Details: Saving a deposit showcases your financial responsibility and can enhance your loan conditions. Even a modest deposit can be beneficial.
  • Consider the Hidden Costs: When planning your budget, remember to account for additional expenses such as car insurance, road tax, and MOT tests.

Tips For Applying

In case you are on Universal Credit and desire to apply for car financing, here are some suggestions to assist you better the odds of acquiring authorization:

  • Check your credit rating: Before starting your application, first acquire our pupil bike loan necessities. Numerous credit records include inaccuracies that should be corrected—otherwise, your credit rating will suffer.
  • Save for a deposit: Loaning accumulates gradually, and a bigger deposit might serve as a convincing argument to be considered for approval. It also decreases the amount borrowed, allowing you to qualify for a less risky loan.
  • Be rational: As long as you drive an automobile that is well-policed and surpasses your expectations, you should have a vehicle that can afford and not force you to spend an excessive sum of money, causing you to endure difficulty.
  • Investigate your alternatives: A government employee who makes a living out of poverty or who possesses a poor credit account should be aware of the financial options available to you.
  • Hire a sponsor: Finally, folks with excellent credit often secure three sorts of collateral insurance: personal guarantees, credit union loans, and government-sponsored loans. By signing the contract, a good-guy rule can significantly increase your authorization alternative.


However, getting car finance when on Universal Credit could pose some challenges to you, but it is not a fatal issue. Can you get car finance when on Universal Credit? Yes. With good planning, this is not only achievable, but it is doable. It is about understanding your chances and whether there are any that can get you a better step in life. Of course, it is about choosing the right car and getting the right financing.

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