Viva Finance Customer Service – Setting The Standard For Excellence

What makes Viva Finance Customer Service exceptional is its desire to consistently deliver high-quality service that is personally adjusted to meet the diverse needs of each client. They are with you whether you are a diligent financial agent or a first-time individual investor, and every session with Viva Finance is informational and enjoyable.

Viva Finance is responsible for handling your account and implementing trade finance services. All these members are qualified and enthusiastic to make your experience as stress-free and rewarding as possible. In this article, we will take a look at how Viva Finance is strengthening the definition of complete client service.

Understanding Viva Finance Customer Service

Viva Finance customer service exists to assist you with any concerns you may have regarding their services. You can contact customer service through telephone, email, and their website. They always have a team on standby to attend to your inquiries. They will provide you with prompt responses and ensure you get the help you need and are satisfied with the outcome.

Whether you don’t understand how something works or need help making a transaction, they will walk with you to make sure you are properly sorted. Through their customer service, Viva Finance is devoted to creating a support experience for all their customers.

Personalized Approach To Customer Care

Viva Finance also prides itself on its personalized approach to customer care. As a company, it dictates that all people are different and value different things. To this end, Viva Finance ensures that all its interactions with customers are based on customer preferences and not the general predisposition of people. Whether it is helping a first-time homeowner to go through their mortgage or providing more tailored advice to an experienced investor, the staff goes the extra mile to ensure that the customer feels appreciated and understood.

Accessible Support Channels

Viva Finance customer service has some of the most accessible support channels in the financial industry. As an organization that many clients, including millennials, prefer, Viva Finance offers some of the most accessible channels in customer service provision. This ranges from 24-hour phone support to live chat on its website. Hence, clients can easily access representatives who are well-versed in the company and can address their queries in real time.

Empowering Customers through Financial education

Viva Finance customer service does not limit the empowerment of the client to resolving his appeals proactively. Viva Finance understands that educated clients do better with their finances. The company offers various materials for financial literacy, such as separate articles, webinars, and interactive necessities, which offer the information needed to manage clients’ economic futures.

Continuous Improvement

Viva Finance knows that the race for greatness always continues, and the perfect level of excellence is difficult to achieve. Thus, the company listens to customer feedback. Via surveys, focus groups, or other forms of feedback, the company gathers information from customers, collecting suggestions for additional services and improving the quality of current ones. In turn, the input is integrated into the company’s operations, which guarantees the maintenance of a customer service standard.

Common Customer Concerns And Resolutions

Many customer concerns might occur in the case of a Viva Finance service delivery. Specifically, the most common of them include loan application issues, loan approval and processing, payment inquiries, account management, and technical issues. When seeking professional assistance in these areas, the following steps should be considered.

In the case of loan application issues, gather or forward error messages or screenshots to the service. Additionally, many minor problems may be resolved through the 24/7 access provided on the Viva Finance website. For more complex issues, consider calling customer service during business hours. As for loan approval and processing, understanding the loan approval process and your expectations in terms of the timespan is crucial.

In most cases, Viva Finance gives an estimated timeframe for payment approval. If this timeframe is far exceeded, you might contact customer service for more information. Finally, Viva Finance’s online portal provides convenient access to manage your loan and payments. Therefore, if you have any technical issues or concerns regarding account management and payments, contact Viva Finance customer service.

Alternative Resources for Customer Service

Contacting Viva Finance is highly recommended for question-specific answers, and the following resources can be explored: The official website of Viva Finance lists an FAQ section. You may find answers to your questions there if other customers ask them. This small investigation will help you get the overall general information, thus saving you time when reaching out to customer support. Various websites have specialized in reading trustworthy reviews from customers and experts. Even though reviews are subjective, their messages reveal any customer complaints, which can be an introduction to the problem’s solution.


In a competitive environment where customer fidelity is challenging to secure and easy to lose, Viva Finance Customer Service remains unique in its commitment to customer relations. Through prioritizing tailored conversations, financing accessible avenues of help, and giving financial education to customers, Viva Finance embodies what outstanding customer assistance in the financing industry should be. Even as customers prioritize their interests at organizations and hope to receive more than they imagined, Viva Finance is eager to provide the superior customer service they deserve.


How Long does viva finance take to process?

Viva takes 1-4 business days to process. Fees, loan amounts, minimum loan repayments, and APRs depend on creditworthiness. It would help if you had a minimum credit score of around 580 to qualify. Apply online, money in the bank in 1-4 business days.

Is Viva Payday real?

Viva Payday Loans is a legit loan platform that works with a network of licensed and regulated payday lenders. However, be sure to read the fine print of loan offers fully.

How Many Days Will it Take for Loan approval?

After you fill in your details and upload the necessary documents to the loan application form, the lender will initiate approval. It may take two to three working days, depending on your chosen lender, and if you provide the wrong documents, it may take longer.

How do I pay my cash App loan?

You can set up auto-pay or make manual payments through the app, [(+1)-855-538-1843]. Defaulting: You are going to be charged an extra 1.25% of the loan sum as a late fee every week until you pay back the principal [(+1)-855-538-1843].

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